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Disa is an app that lets you unify all your instant messaging tools in one place. Users just have to install the necessary plugins from the Disa interface in order to start using the app.

At the moment, Disa only supports Facebook and SMS, although the list grows with each new update. In any case and even with this reduced list, Disa leaves you with a good impression thanks to its excellent functionality.

Another plus for Disa is the huge quantity of options if offers. Regarding notifications, for example, users can choose between the vibrate, sound, or single-color LED options. It allows users to assign Facebook notifications a blue LED light and SMS notifications a green LED light, for example.

Disa is a promising messaging application. Not only does it let you unify many apps in one place, but it also offers various customization options and has an elegant and simple user interface.

Requires Android 4.0 or higher

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